Extraits Culinaires Sign’Nature® welcome two new references

Solina culinary experts formulated a complete innovative product range free of flavourings, additives, preservatives, colourings or taste enhancers and with low salt content, while combining freshness, culinary creativity and authenticity. Developed exclusively with premium raw materials and through an industrial process inspired by traditional culinary stock-cooking methods, this collection is a unique concept in the food-processing industry.

This collection appears as a complete tool box to combine, adjust aromatic notes for creative and innovating meat, vegetables and seafood recipes.

Two new references complete the existing product range and broaden the horizon of possibilities. They are an invitation to discover the delicacy of the lamb with Extraits Culinaires Sign’Nature® Lamb and the simplicity and softness of the pork with Extraits Culinaires Sign’Nature® Roasted Pork.

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